Vermont Interactive Television

VIT offers consulting services for those who wish to install their own videoconferencing systems. VIT's extensive experience and expertise is available to you.

Email for more information or call: 802.728.1455 (Office) -- 728.1357 (CR).

VIT can assist organizations with up to five stages of videoconferencing system installation. They include: "Vermont Interactive Television has been an invaluable partner in helping the Vermont Department of Corrections develop a practical well-designed videoconferencing capacity. At each juncture, all of the VIT staff have been very thoughtful in considering not only today's applications but the realities of an emerging technology. I especially appreciate the focus on practical, cost-effective solutions. The Department of Corrections looks forward to an on-going relationship with VIT as we build better opportunities for communities , victims of crime, offenders and staff to communicate in safe and convienent venues."

David Peebles, Director, Community and Restorative Justice, Vermont Department of Corrections.