Vermont Interactive Television
Satellite Downlink

VIT has the capability of downlinking satellite teleconferences. During a satellite teleconference you will be able to see and hear the program but you will not be able to interact directly with the presenters. In order to ask questions, you will be encouraged to call a 1-800 number or to fax in your questions. Many organizations decide to book extra time in order to hold a "wrap-around session" to discuss the satellite downlink. The regular VIT hourly rates apply when booking a satellite teleconference.

Often a site licensing or registration fee is required by the organization offering the teleconference. In this situation, the group reserving time on VIT will pay the licensing/registration fee to the sponsoring orgranization.

If you would prefer to view the teleconference at your own convenience instead of watching it live, VIT can record the program for you at charge of $30.00 per DVD or tape. Not all teleconference providers allow recordings to be made. Please check the documentation you received about the teleconference from the provider about copyright restrictions.