Vermont Interactive Television
Worldwide Videoconferencing

VIT can bring the world to you. Save the hassle, time and money associated with travel and connect to your counterparts throughout the world from your local VIT site. Conduct your business and be back to your office within minutes.

Simply contact our Scheduling Coordinator, , 802.728.1455 with your destination and she’ll find the far end room for you and provide a cost estimate. Pricing for the worldwide videoconferencing service is different from the statewide service, but a nationwide conference can cost as little as $175.00 per hour.

Use of VIT’s worldwide videoconferencing service has increased significantly over recent months. More and more businesses and organizations are taking advantage of this travel alternative as a way to reduce costs and increase productivity. Typical applications include:

Candidate Interviews
Client Meetings
Vendor Meetings
Keynote Speeches