Vermont Interactive Television
Information Sharing Tools

Document Camera
Each VIT studio is equipped with a document camera. This camera can be used to display preformatted materials and 3D items or it can be used as a chalkboard or flipchart. If you are producing materials, please follow the recommendations in this Print Format Sheet.

Studio Computer
A computer is available at the presenter table in every studio complete with internet connectivity and a variety of programs such as PowerPoint. If you have a PowerPoint presentation, please bring it on a CD or thumb drive.

Each studio has a Visual Concert FX (VCFX) projector which allows computer images to be projected onto a large screen. If you wish to use the projector, please follow these recommendations:
  1. If at all possible, use the VIT studio computer, rather than your own. We ask this for two important reasons: a. This minimizes the opportunity for technical problems. b. The VCFX works best with the pre-defined resolution setting on the VIT computers.
  2. Please bring your presentation on a USB storage device (thumb drive) or a "finalized" CD-R or RW. (Note: the studio computers are connected to the internet so you can display web pages as needed.)
  3. If you must use your own laptop, you will need to contact your liaison to schedule a test on our system well before the date of your videoconference. Display resolutions must be set at 1028 x 768 or LOWER and the refresh rate cannot exceed 60 HZ. Presenters MUST know how to activate their external VGA ports. If your computer is a Macintosh, you must also bring a VGA adapter.
  4. Instead of bringing your presentation on CD or thumb drive, you could email it to your VIT liaison at least ONE WEEK in advance. We will load it onto the VIT computer and make sure it works. Please note the largest sized slide show/PowerPoint we can accept via e-mail is 8MB.

We have the capability to play DVDs and videotapes. If you plan to show either, please notify your liaison as soon as possible. We will make arrangements to preview the DVD or VHS before your program. If it is not previewed prior to your program, VIT cannot be responsible for its quality. If a DVD/videotape is not of high quality, the picture may break up during the playback and the remote sites will not be able to see it. Be prepared to cover or fill the time you might have in the case your tape/DVD doesn’t play well.